About Us

COMPANY Overview

BATCOTRANS Logistics is a private limited company that was incorporated in the year 2012 to serve the transportation needs of the Indian economy. The company traces its ancestry to Bombay Andhra Transport Company that was established in the early 1960. In 1990s Bombay Andhra Transport company bifurcated into several companies as individual profit centres each operated by the progeny of the original founders under strategic alliance that complimented and supported logistic operations smoothly.

Over the years BATCOTRANS Logistics evolved with the dynamics of the industry into a full-fledged logistics organization supporting its customers with a set of extensive services. Down the time-line the company has built an impeccable record for safe and timely delivery of client's cargo to its destination. This is despite the fact that surface transportation companies in India are not provided insurance cover to rely on. The operations of the company are optimized for efficiency by its latest custom software for disbursing information online in real-time both to the management and the clients.

Mission: "To Serve the logistics needs of the economy with reliable, trustworthy, safe and timely service to its customers delivered with concern, care and total commitment."


batco Management

Everything we do at Batcotrans Logistics, we do as a team! For us inter personnel co-ordination and human relations are of prime importance. We work efficiently and safely to render the service quality expected by our customers and our markets. We train and re-train ourselves to keep abreast with latest in logistic trends and support technologies while keeping our work environment safe for all.

OUR Management Features

  • Top management commitment to provide meaningful leadership and positive guidance.
  • Day to day operations are managed by experienced, well trained and committed Middle Management Staff
  • Conducive work environment that always encourages creative and innovative ideas, while providing growth opportunity.
  • Well designed and documented business systems minimizing ambiguities and subjected to periodic reviews and up-gradation ensures operational efficiency in dynamic business environment.
  • No damage claims, law suites exist against the company.

OUR Infrastructure

  • Network serving over 300 centers all over India.
  • Large haulage and storage capacity.
  • Large Covered warehousing space with adequate security and safety both at recipt and delivery ends.
  • Material Handling Equipment at the Warehouses for better handling and material safety.
  • Fully computerized documentation and data processing with FTP Network and RDBMS operating in Real Time with MIS.
  • Infrastructure is maintained by well trained staff giving attention to minute details and ensuring safe and timely delivery of the cargo.


OUR Clients