Our Services

Express Cargo Service (Less than Lorry Load)

Batcotrans Logistics offers surface transportation service to stations in India by collecting cargo at diverse booking points close to customers, consolidating and routing the same to transhipment hubs wherever necessary and thereon carting the same to final destination in optimum time.

Professional cargo management team at Batco Roadways thoroughly understands the client's prime business need for safe and timely cargo delivery. The operations are geared to provide this exacting service such as;


  • Intercity Cargo Movement
  • Intracity Cargo Movement
  • International Cargo carting to and from ports and Airports

Value Added Services

In addition to express cargo service, Batcotrans Logistics also offers its clients several value added services within its network of over 200 stations in south and central India.


  • Quick Delivery Service for Priority Cargo

  • Door Delivery Service

  • Warehousing Facility at various centres

  • Container transportation for valuable cargo

  • Option of collecting payment on delivery (COD) as per client's instructions.

3rd Party Logistics (Supply Chain Support)

Batcotrans Logistis can allocate diverse resources like warehouses, vehicles, Material Handling equipment and personnel to provide 3PL or TPL services to clients for their product distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services thus optimize their supply chain efficiency with excellent logistic support both at market and supply end.


The company's warehousing service is available at different locations across its network in India. For its regular customers Batcotrans Logistics also facilitates partial consignment clearance service at all its delivery stations.